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This is the question I get asked the most and I am so happy to be able to answer it for you here. Keep in mind this answer is geared toward Family Sessions and Couples Sessions.

My goal as a photographer is to take beautiful images of you that you will want to print and hang in your home. With this in mind I like to tell clients to look around your home, especially the rooms you plan to hang your images in. What colors are you using to decorate that room? What feeling does that room give you? This is your space and it should reflect your style.

When your images are hung in your space they should add to the decor, they should become part of the decor, they should not detract or clash with it. Keep this in mind when choosing the style and colors of the wardrobe for your session.


Another thing to consider....

If you look at my style of imagery you'll notice one big component...


My Style is bright and clean with bold colors.  Rarely will I have clients show up all in matching khaki pants and white shirts. It's so very YESTERDAY. Do I love neutrals and earth tones? Absolutely!! I love all colors, and all shades too. I'm a child of the 80's, hello Neon colors anyone?!

While it is so tempting to put together a wardrobe where everyone involved is matching perfectly this is not the way to go. I LOVE when peoples' personalities still show even when the family's  wardrobe is completely coordinated. Coordinated is definitely the way to go!

Try to only have 1 or 2 people in your family wearing patterns and stick to solids for everyone else. Layered outfits are a great way to pull your colors together while masking any trouble areas we tend to not want accentuated in photos. Think loose vests, kimonos, scarves and even a nice jacket for layered looks.

Going back to my roots in home decorating I suggest choosing three colors for your wardrobe. A main color, a coordinating color, and an accent. Here's the trick... stick to one color palette. 

Base Neutrals, Jewel Tones, Earth Tones, Pastels, etc.

Do | Not | Be | Afraid | Of | Color

Things To Avoid!

-Words or big logos on your clothes

-Distracting Patterns or Clashing Patterns

-Wrinkled Clothing, no I won't Iron it in photoshop...I'm sorry!

-Oversized or unflattering clothing

-Tight clothing including shirts/pants that open or pucker at buttons

-Baseball Caps that don't match the style or colors of your wardrobe. (Sorry Dads)

-Everyone wearing the same thing

-Hair ties on wrists

-Sunglasses, unless everyone is wearing them

-Clothes you can not move comfortably in

-Clothes that your family would never ever be seen wearing

The most important thing to avoid...

If there is a part of your body that you are self conscious about be sure to avoid wearing clothing that will bring more attention to that area. For example, if you do not like your upper arms you will want to avoid wearing sleeveless tops/dresses.


Don't Forget to Accessorize!

Accessories are a great way to tie in that Accent Color I mentioned above.

Fun jewelry pieces, great shoes, or a big fashionable hat can really pull your look together.

Just remember when it comes to hats we don't want all the light blocked from your eyes so keep it pushed back just a little. 

As a full service photographer I want to make sure you love your images. I am always happy to help with wardrobe choices. Pull your pieces together, snap a pic, and email it to me. I'll let you know if something needs to be changed or if you are right on target with your choices.

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