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Mentoring Opportunities

I've loved photography since I was a child. Taking and collecting photographs of people, places, and things has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. I even collect cameras of all types from all different eras! In addition to a love for photography I also have a love for teaching and sharing whatever knowledge I have with those that want to learn. After 30 years of looking for the light and playing with angles I've found myself always willing to help those around me find their own way with photography. Whether you are looking to learn a new hobby, enhance a photography hobby you already love or are wanting to move into doing photography professionally I'd love to offer a few Mentoring options to help you succeed!

Coffee & Coaching

$250 60-90 min

Let’s meet up at my local coffee shop or grab our favorite cups and get on a video chat if that works better for you. I'm a pretty open book and have a lot of information brewing in my photographer brain that I'd love to share. 

This meeting is focused on you and what you feel like you need help with. I'm here to help you move forward with your photography whether you are still trying to decide which first camera to purchase or you need help understanding and improving something in your photography workflow.

*Check out or Mentoring Membership option under Add-Ons below*

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Hands On Learning

$350 each 1:1 session

Intro to Photography

Camera 101: 2 hours

Have a camera but no idea what to do with it? In this class you will learn what all the different dials, menus, and buttons actually do. After walking you through your camera we will go over the exposure triangle and it's importance to achieving a well exposed photograph. Next we will adventure out and I will show you how to "see" the light, find the angles and take photos that turn out how YOU want them to. 

Having a good understanding of you gear is the first step whether you are interested in photographing landscapes, pets, or people. 


Natural Light Portraits 101: 90 mins 

In this hands on class I will guide you through photographing a person outdoors. We will walk the location together while I show you how to find the perfect spot, how to see the light, and what to avoid. You will have the opportunity to ask questions along the way and walk away with images you can be proud of.  

Off Camera Flash 101: 90 min

In this hands on class I will guide you through photographing a person outdoors using Off Camera Flash (OCF) with a one light setup. We will start with discussing the difference in Natural Light vs. OCF in images, light strength, and modifiers. I will guide you through light placement and help you complete your first portrait shoot with OCF. This class is also great for anyone that has been shooting with OCF but isn't achieving the right look and needs a little help understanding what needs to be corrected in their set up to properly light their subject. 

Posing and Directing Subjects: 90 min

While we do touch base on posing in the portrait classes above this class is more for people who already understand the process but need help specifically with posing. You will learn the difference between posing your subjects and prompting them for a different feel to your images.

Together we will photograph a couple so that you can learn how to pose people individually as well as together. Once you learn the basics of posing/prompting you will have the confidence to direct your family members, friends, models, or clients during a photoshoot to look their best in your photos.  

Post Production & Editing

Basics of Editing & Workflow 101: 2 hours

Your choice of Lightroom or Photoshop. We will cover culling your images from a shoot, where to start with editing, the tools used in the program, as well as finding your editing style.  There is a lot of information and these programs can be overwhelming but once you understand the basics you can go on to do all the awesome things these programs offer.

Compositing 101: 90 min

You'll hear it all the time.. "you can just Photoshop that, right?"  Photoshop went from being a program to being a verb. This class will teach you hands on how to use layers to build a final composite image out of many different images. You'll walk away knowing how to do a head swap, replace a blown out sky, and blend images together. With the basics under your belt the sky is truly the limit to what all you can learn to do. 

Creative Portraits - Start to Finish


Want to learn how to set up and execute a beautifully styled creative portrait? Here is your opportunity! We will work together to plan, style, and produce a 60-90 minute creative shoot just for you. During the shoot I will guide you through getting the best images from your session and you can ask me anything  along the way. After the shoot you and I will sit down together to chat and cull the resulting images then I will walk you through the editing process for up to 2 hours.  During this time you are free to ask me any questions about the process before heading home to finish editing. Once you have completed your edits I will do an overall critique of the gallery as well as an in depth image critique of your favorite image.  

-Consultation Call-

-Customized Styled Shoot-

-Post Production Walk Through and Discussion-

-Gallery and Image Critique-

This hands on mentoring option is best suited for those that know how to use their camera and have at minimum a basic understanding of photography. 

Mentoring Add-Ons

Coaching Membership

$750 -$1500

This option allows you to have a 3 or 6 month membership for coaching. We start with a Coffee and Coaching date where we your questions are answered & we set a few goals to work toward...Yes, you get some homework. Each month you get a one hour video call or coffee date to follow up on your progress, what is working vs what is not, as well as take some time to critique recent images. We will set up new goals and figure out what steps to take to reach them.  

Gallery Critiques

$99  - 3 Galleries

This is an optional add on for my hands on classes. For $99 you will be able to send me up to 3 galleries (three different shoots) to review. I will do an overall critique of the session itself based off the images in the gallery. With these critiques I can assess what can be improved in your images, what you are doing well and offer any tips for your future sessions. (Posing, lighting, location, editing etc.)

Shadow and Critique


Are you struggling with your portrait sessions? Feel like you don't have the confidence in guiding your subject through the shoot, or are you just not sure if you are doing things well... I will attend one of your sessions with you as an "assistant" or just a quiet shadow and discreetly offer help along the way. After the session we will follow up and I will give you information on where you can improve as well as the things you are already doing well. This option offers an opportunity for me to see you in action and help you excel at your craft.  

{Up to an hour session plus 30 minute follow-up}

Follow UP / Refresher

$100 30 min     $150 1hr

Need a little refresher from one of our Hands On Classes or a Coaching? You got it! Let's get together or jump on a video call and make sure you are understanding what you learned. 

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