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We had so much fun shooting in the Texas Wildflowers that we ended up doing another shoot the same day, at a VERY DIFFERENT location.

Haven't seen Part I in the Wildflowers yet? Check it out right here. No worries, it will open in another window so you won't lose your place here. 

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The stone walls and sweeping arches of the Kimbell Art Museum lend a simple touch of elegance to these images. I love the muted tones with the gentle blush of the dress playing off the warm whites of the stone.

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We were channeling our inner Southern Belles and totally into the Vogue/Fashion/InStyle vibe

(yes I know those are all completely different vibes...)

of course All in the name of fun . . .

And beautiful Images!


But Seriously... No really... 

Ok, we were having just too much fun to be serious! I mean, when else (other than your wedding day which is way down the road for this girlie) do you get to play in a big fluffy dress just for fun! 

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We even brought a few of the wildflowers with us!

I shot two other girls in this dress in the week that I had it in my possession. Click Here to see a few of the galleries!  This dress looked amazing on all of them as a true "Traveling" dress should!  

Have a gorgeous dress in mind and want to do a fun Fashion Shoot? Let's get together and make it happen!

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